This year, let’s leave the Tannenbaum in the forest and gather around banquets of stories!

Arts of the Working Class and Atelier Gardens welcome you to the XXXmas Bazaar of Migrating Stories on December 11 from 1 to 7pm, the 4th edition of their market for art and food, crafts and nourishment. 

Firmly clinging to the idea that the only strategy valuable to resist stigmatization and exploitation is mutuality, the XXXmas Bazaar will evoke the flavors, sounds, and textures of a multicultural winter celebration: everyone will feel at home far away from home. We celebrate workers coming from wherever they had to leave, to shape the material and cultural scene of Berlin and resist the capitalist acceleration, with small steps.

Since its first edition, the markets by AWC and Atelier Gardens gather practitioners who aim to exchange stories and knowledge shaped in products and gifts. The XXXmas Bazaar will bridge traditions of festive gatherings through the purpose of blurring borders and fostering inter-expertise solidarity.

Focusing on the figure of the (Turkish) Gastarbeiter, a highlight of the event will be the screening in TON 1 of LIEBE, D-MARK UND TOD, a documentary by Cem Kaya, which looks at the Turkish-German relationship through music, work and history. Rounding out the night will be a dance floor and tunes by rapper Ebow from 7-10 pm. 

The day will be accompanied by tunes and rhythms in collaboration with wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio.

The participants of the market in Studio 5 are Adelaide’s Pastries, Almi Ceramics, Astral Light Studio, Barbara Quintin, Bom Dia Books, Burning Babylon Food, Callum Leo Hughes, Camila Rhodi, David Kerr, Delicate Ministitches, Dolci Breci, Eco Vitae, Huerto Shop, I crochet weird but cute things, Javi Gua, Literarische Diverse, Mattia Rotelli knitwear, META, Monroe Books, Moons, Okonomiyaki, Ousman Saidykhan, Paal World, Plenty of Eggs, Replika Publishing, ROKU, Roots Radicals, Sickness Affinity Group, SIRENO, TDD Bon Appetit, TLTRPreß, Tokyo Gohan, UKAI, Vegan Mexican Food, Weather Underground, :kollektiv.

1–7pm: XXXmas Bazaar market (TON 5)

1–4pm: Broadcast & DJ Set with wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio (TON 5)

5–7pm: Screening & Artist Talk LIEBE, D-MARK UND TOD / ASK, MARK VE ÖLÜM
A documentary film by Cem Kaya on the music culture of migrants from Turkey in Germany followed by a discussion (TON 1)

7–10pm: Dance Floor with Ebow (TON 1)


13:00 - 22:00

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